Premier Pitching Performance Sets the Pace for a High-Tech Revolution in Baseball

While baseball season typically starts to wind down in the Fall, the dedicated athletes and coaches at Premier Pitching Performance (PPP) are gearing up for a busy time of year, offseason training.

If you take a look around Premier Pitching Performance’s facility, you’ll immediately see that it’s no ordinary training gym. 

High-speed cameras are strategically positioned around the pitching mounds, capturing every minute detail of a pitcher's motion. Advanced technology buzzes to life, analyzing and breaking down each pitch with scientific precision. Coaches sit down one-on-one with athletes to go over mobility, motion-capture, ball flight and power output reports of their body and pitching delivery, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses to optimize performance.

It’s clear that at PPP, it’s not just about throwing a ball; it's about mastering the art and science of pitching, and ensuring that each athlete reaches their utmost potential. 

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Harnessing Biomechanical Assessment Technology to Elevate Performance

Tucked away just outside St. Louis in Wentzville, MO, Premier Pitching Performance is a high-performance pitching lab in the heart of the midwest. However, PPP isn’t just for the locals – their cutting-edge approach to training and remote training options are drawing attention from athletes of all ages, near and far.

One of the most compelling testimonies to PPP's reputation comes from Baltimore Orioles Pitcher John Means who formally trained with PPP in the winter of 2018.

“I was throwing like 83, 84 [mph], indoors. It was just miserable. But I go in, I say, ‘Look, obviously I’m a command guy or I wouldn’t throw this slow and still be playing, but I just really want some velo," Means reflected in a recent interview with The Baltimore Banner.

The transformative experience at PPP had a profound impact on Means' performance. By the time he made the Orioles’ Opening Day roster in the spring of 2019, he was a radically improved player. 

With the help of PPP, Means confidently unleashed pitches reaching up to 95 mph, a notable leap from his previous high-80s. Beyond just an enhanced fastball, Means introduced a formidable swing-and-miss changeup into his arsenal. This marked evolution in his skillset didn’t go unnoticed; it rocketed him to All-Star status that very season.


Assess, Prescribe, Train, Win. The Premier Performance Way

Many athletes turn to PPP to analyze how their whole body is moving on a systematic level. The data that PPP provides can help athletes make more informed decisions about their training, especially during the offseason when many players are focused on gaining strength and improving their throwing mechanics. 

Each in-person assessment includes a personalized training program that athletes can use to target their deficiencies and become the best version of themselves. Athletes can also choose to take advantage of PPP’s remote coaching package or their in-person training memberships at the PPP facility in Wentzville, MO.

“In my assessment, I figured out I have very externally rotated hips, so while it helps me move down the mound linearly, it doesn’t allow me to rotate very well,” NIL athlete Ben Paugh said about his assessment experience with PPP. 

Ben originally was drawn to the PPP approach, because the coaches not only give you a detailed breakdown of your throwing mechanics, they also help you develop a training plan to address any areas of improvement.

“The coaches here use the data to help you understand what your body is actually doing on the mound instead of just giving you numbers and telling you to fix it,” Ben commented.


Finding an Edge for All with Youth to Professional Baseball Coaching Programs 

Aspiring pitchers, some as young as 14, have the opportunity to harness PPP’s technology and professional guidance. 

 “The earlier a player can start targeting their specific deficiencies, the earlier that snowball effect can take place in their development.” Shares PPP President Brett Graves.

The PPP facility and remote training program has served professionals from minor to major leagues who are seeking to refine their technique and get that competitive edge all the way down to youth players just starting out.

PPP’s NIL Program Designed to Highlight Dedicated Athletes 

This past August, PPP announced its newest campaign for aspiring athletes– the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) Program

While NIL Programs have been gaining traction, PPP's initiative takes a unique approach, focusing specifically on the individual development of each athlete. The aim is not just to promote them but to holistically cultivate their talents, ensuring they grow both as players and as influential professionals in the baseball world.

The program offers an extension of their training programs, equipment packages and even ongoing media support and guidance, offering players with the tools they need to stand out. PPP's NIL Program is a comprehensive package, giving players a competitive edge on and off the field.

"We believe in nurturing complete athletes. With the changing landscape of sports marketing and branding, our players are looking for every way possible to market themselves and stand out amongst the competition," shares Graves, one of the brains behind the NIL program. "By investing in our athletes this way, I believe we may also be preparing them not just for great sports careers but for a future where they can make impactful contributions to the sport and beyond."

If you or an athlete you know is interested in NIL, check out PPP’s application page to seize this unique opportunity to be mentored, trained and guided by some of the best in the business.

Beyond Individual Baseball Coaching 

Premier Pitching Performance (PPP) stands as more than just a training facility; it's a beacon of innovation and evolution in the world of baseball. While its state-of-the-art technology and individualized training programs are unmatched, PPP's ambitions stretch far beyond the confines of its walls.

PPP aims to not only elevate individual players but to push forward the entire realm of baseball training. 

"Our company vision is to continue to push the standards in pitching development,” says Brett.

Work With PPP This Offseason, Fall Biomechanical Assessment Dates Announced

Want to step up your game with the latest in biomechanical assessments? PPP has just announced its Fall Biomechanical Assessment Dates for the end of August and September:

August 23rd, 24th, 26th and 30th

September 23rd, 27th and 28th

Don’t miss out on this chance to gain an edge, refine your technique and potentially change the trajectory of your baseball career. Your assessment includes a personalized training program that you can take home to your coaches. PPP facility in Wentzville, MO. Slots are limited, so book your assessment today!


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