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Brett, here. President of Premier Pitching and Performance and I'm really excited to announce to you guys the addition of the PPP Blog.

This year our business and our athletes have seen tremendous growth. One of our biggest initiatives moving into 2023, to continue to be a leader in the baseball industry, is to create a platform to publish our thoughts and findings in the world of player development. 

My hope is that we can make a positive impact on the game by being a quality resource for players and coaches. Information is so readily available these days that we end up needing to sift through the information to decipher the good from the bad. I'm sure you've all experienced a google search that brought multiple answers to light. Hopefully, that process has never left you with answers that conflict but that is likely the case especially when dealing with people and their opinions.

The PPP Blog, in concept, is designed to try and combat that for players and coaches. We want to help alleviate some of the headache while searching for answers and be a resource you can trust. A large part of that trust needs to come from objective data and not any one person's opinion. While I can't say every single word you find in here will be objective, we have built our entire development process around objective data and that will echo throughout the blog.

The objective data feedback look is a checks and balances system for us. We get to pull objective data from a player and see where they're at. Provide a program that best fits the athlete and their goals. Then recapture the data to see how well we (our staff and the athletes) identified the player's needs and executed the program.

So, here's to 2023. Baseball season is here. Anytime there is a new blog post we will announce it on our social media. So be sure to follow us @premierpitching on your favorite social networks and #DominateTheZone this baseball season!

Best of luck,

Brett Graves (Owner/President/Former MLB Pitcher)


**Learn more about our assessment and training process here.

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